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 The Alicia Boparai Foundation

"A beautiful person inside and out"

A massive, massive thank you to Nikki Jawanda and Leeds Dental School students for the organisation of the bungee jump and raising so much money. Well done guys and thank you. x

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped and supported us over the last few months. Customers from Shokar News, Leeds, Ranjit & Narinder, Lisa, Mandeep Sekhon, Jean Black, Ricky Sekhon, Surjit & Balbir Gill, Leeds, Sharan Gill, Bibi from Leeds, Alicia Forshaw, Newcastle upon Tyne Registrars Staff, Maureen, Karl Sahota, Johnny Singh and all the customers, family and friends who so generously sponsored Johhny. Viks Khaira, Jag Sahajpal, Balinder Ladhar. Thank you to you all. x

Thank you to a fantastic couple Baljoat and Sandeep Johal for your generous donation and kind words. The generous support of people like you makes it possible for The Alicia Boparai Foundation to exist. Thank you to you both. x

Todays Thank you goes to Sonia Hayre, Lucy Cotee, Ryan Jowett, Pippi Shokar & Sindy Rehal, Thank you so much to all of you! Your support is very much appreciated. (thank you: a simple phrase to show appreciation for the little and big things that mean such a lot.)

Thank you to an amazing lady Raj Sangha, and her family who donated a staggering £846.73 to Alicias charity this week. This donation means we have reached the first £1000 of the target set for The Birmingham Bupa Great Run. Raj your generosity, kindness and support is greatly appreciated and we cannot thank you enough. x

Thank you to Sam, Sophie and Jenny who came over for a coffee and a chat a few weeks back. They handed me a cheque for £500. Wow!! Girls I'm still in shock. Thank you for kindness and for your generosity. I appreciate everything you do for us. You do Alicia proud. Thank you, the words maybe small but the sentiment is huge. xxxx

Anita Sangha a special thank you for your very kind donation to Alicia's charity. xx

A really big and special thank you to Bindero (Alicias Aunty) who made a very kind donation to Alicias charity this week. x

Thank you for your kindness Lorraine, Carole passed on your donation to Alicias charity. x

Ang, Lesley, Jeanette, Pat, Fatin, Christine, Carol, Tracie, Cath. These lovely ladies had a win on the National Lottery just before christmas. They donated £100 from their win to The Alicia Boparai Foundation. To all of you a BIG thank you. I hope you win again very soon. x

Colleagues at Newcastle upon Tyne Registration Service once again made a donation of £65 to Alicias charity in lieu of birthday cards. A big thank you to you all. x

A special thanks to Sonia, Kruti, Celina, Camilla, Iwona and Claire. The girls held a dinner party for dry January and made a donation of £75 to Alicias charity. x

A massive Thank you to Komal Shokar your kind donation is gratefully recieved. I know Alicia is never far from your thoughts.

Thank you Rita for your kind donation today. Your kindness is humbly acknowledged.

Thank you Jean Black for your gift to The Alicia Boparai Foundation. Jean has given Alicia and Manisha a gift every christmas since they were born. This year she has given Alicias gift to the charity. Many many thanks Jean I can never ever thank you enough.

A BIG THANKYOU to all work colleagues at Newcastle Registrars for choosing to donate funds to The Alicia Boparai Foundation in lieu of christmas cards. Once again you have showed immense kindness with your actions.

A heartfelt thankyou to Karen Marshall. Thank you Karen for your donation to Alicias charity. Karen chose to make a donation to us instead of sending christmas cards and taking part in Secret Santa at work. Thank you Karen your donation was very generous and it was very kind of you to do this. xx

Thank you to Liz, Jennie and Beth for the beautiful orchid flowers you sent this week. (they made me cry )They were beautiful and vibrant just like Alicia. Just shows Alicia meant so much to many people. The message read 'Just to let you all know we are thinking of you and Alicia is always in our thoughts xxxx'. Thank you guys. xx

Thank you Lesley you have given Alicias charity a very generous donation. You have also given me a lot of encouragement throughout the difficult time. I am grateful for your support. Thank you Lesley for being there. Everytime I see Alicias hotwater bottle you come into my mind. Thank you. x Manjit.

Thank you Sharan your kindness is appreciated.

A massive thankyou to friends and customers at Birtwistle Store, Hebburn. We cannot thank you enough for all your donations and also the kindness and support you have shown us.

Thank you very much to Deb, Sue, Catherine, Carole, Julie, Nicola, Gail, Kath, Angela, Val, Terry, Christine, Steven, Diane, Gail, Joanne M, Joanne S, Carol S. Thank you not only for your sponsorship but also the moral support and understanding you have given.

A big thankyou to Shane Mama Ji, Pam Toor, Bijan Shahrud, Stephanie Aggett, and Kush Dayal. your donations are gratefully recieved.

A sincere thank you to Jaspal Singh, Sandeep Bassi, Ranjit and Sharan.

"Only parachutists know why the birds sing!" Good Luck & Thankyou Manisha, Sunny, Balinder and Jas. Love from Dara & Manjit. xxxxx

A BIG thank you to Manoj Brahmbhart, Baljinder Manak, Darinder Shokar,Manisha's work colleagues and friends at Newcastle Dental School. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Alison and Polly, Alicia was very lucky to have you as friends.

A special message to say thank you so very much for your kind contribution to Mr & Mrs Sangha, Nina, Alice and Manju.

Thank you very much to Jenny and her work colleagues for your donation.

Thank you Balinder Sangha, Balbir, Surjit & Gill Family. Sukhy Sangha . Your kindness really means much more, than words can ever thank you for. Total raised so far £598.

A HUGE thankyou to Baljinder Sahajpal, Anita Sangha, Amy Hemmer, Rachel Pavion & Benjamin Collinson for donating to the Chicago Skydive Appeal. Thank you for caring guys. Really appreciate your contributions. Thank you. total Raised so far £383.

A massive thank you to Sonia Sekhon and Samantha Stearman for donating to the Chicago Skydive event. Thank you girls for being the first two people to donate to this appeal.

Thank you to Binda Mama Ji and Amerjeet Mami Ji. You have been very, very kind giving us this donation. You too have been through such a difficult time throughout your lives. I know you can relate to the pain and sadness of losing a child. I truly admire you both. Thank you.

We wish to give a heartfelt thank you to The Collins Family for your very kind donation. It is very much appreciated and gratefully received.

A huge thank you goes to Jitty, Rajjy, Nina, Pippa, Sharan, Mandip and Mani for lovingly donating their Rakhi money to The Alicia Boparai Foundation.

A heartfelt thank you to Polly and Alison for their brilliant effort for organizing a BBQ and raising £300 for The Alicia Boparai Foundation. Thank you girls, your hard work and excellent effort is very much appreciated and humbly acknowledged.